06 JUNE 2017 |


I think the best part of having a dog is having a best friend who you can do things with; go for walks, exercise, shop, walk some more, talk and never be interrupted and no-one in this world would be more happy than to hang out with you 24-7, 365 days a year for their entire lifetime; now that’s a really great friend!

But what happens when you’re busy, with your life, running errands, the gym, yoga, shopping, dining out, parties, weddings, whatever and everything;  what happens to your furry best friend; do you take him/her with or do they spend countless hours at home waiting for you ?

The answer should be:  I take my Best Friend with me just about everywhere and that’s because I can!   Nowadays other than most restaurants, dogs, if on a leash (and sometimes not) can be taken inside most stores and hotels across the GTA.  Just about everyone when working needs a break and a dog to either lick their face or just sit nicely and be pet! So your pet will always be anytime anywhere provided that you also make the effort to train it and most places always have dog biscuits that they are happy to treat them with.   Nothing could make your dog or another person and yourself happier.

So remember wherever you go, 90% of places ARE leashed dog-friendly; So make sure you bring your baby everywhere you can because as much as it is great to have something waiting at home for you to come home to, that little person also needs to be stimulated, taught, taken to, spoken to and share every waking moment with you !   And believe me the smiles on people’s faces is worth a pound of gold. And as you can see most will get down on the ground to say hello!!


A healthy socialized dog will live longer and so will you!