These rain suits are FANTASTIC!! They are perfect for us! Exactly what we were looking for. I have two WHITE little shih tzu dogs and we live in the country. We go walking every day and where we walk is all dirt roads. It if had rained, the roads get wet and when the dogs walk, being so low to the ground, they kick up loads of mud and dirt and when we are done they are so dirty I actually have to come home and bathe them. It was so annoying having to skip walking for the day or make a long 30 min drive to the park (which is paved) so that the dogs would not get filthy. Now our problem is solved! These rain suits fit perfect and keep the dogs clean. They are thin enough that I can even use them in the summer without overheating the dogs. The FIT is amazing and so is the quality! I am so happy, I can’t wait until you get the snowsuits in and I will be buying those too! Thanks for the great product and service!! Laurie Walters I attached a pic for you.