Side note: Our black lab mix, Maggie, who is 3 years old, passed her CGCA (AKC Community Canine aka Canine Good Citizen Advanced) while wearing her Neo-Paws shoes. There is a video of one of her training classes on Facebook on Avaqyn Acres page from early June and from her test day July 9 if you’d like to see her in action. Avaqyn Acres also posted some pictures from the outdoor training session and her blue shoes were very prominent. We also have a new puppy (another Chesapeake Bay Retriever like Buster Brown), Finnegan, and we will be ordering some Neo-Paws for him in the coming months as well. He is six months old and an absolute delight! Again, none of this would be possible for my “young-at-heart” 13 yr old dog without the help he gets from wearing your shoes. We cannot thank you enough for creating such a great product. Take care, Jennifer O’Brien