Ronnie, I just wanted to let you know the backorder pair of Neo-Paws arrived in a timely fashion. I must say that I am really pleased with the quality of the product. A pet store here has finally brought in another style of footwear with treads in the same price range but I still think your product’s design is still superior especially in the fit and how they go on. The instructions provided with the packaging and your website videos were excellent and I had no problem dressing my 15 year old Border Collie. I have enclosed a photo of Shadow modelling the rear shoes and raincoat. As I had mentioned to you previously, she is weak in her rear end and was having difficulty walking on the laminate flooring without wiping out. She now trots confidently without any difficulty. Although the weather here is still cold and there isn’t much slush I am sure looking forward to spring time walks and not having a wet sandy dog to contend with when we return home. I am so glad I found out about your company as I could not find a rainsuit or proper footwear previously. Regards, Sheila Massi & Shadow Thunder Bay