Our Westie, Maggie Mae has been bopping around Provincetown in a sporty blue and green Neo-Paws beach boot. (Yes, she has a sore paw but the boot is keeping it clean, and she doesn’t have to wear a cone!) Maggie and her boot have been a hot topic of conversation on the streets, along the beach and in the shops and restaurants. (Yes, you can bring your dog into many of the shops and some of the restaurants with patio-seating in Provincetown.) For all of you who have asked our details section below has the contact information to buy these great boots for your own dog. In Boston, when the sidewalks are covered in salt, Maggie wears Neo-Paws winter boots on all four feet. We’ve used them for years. They’re well designed by someone who understands dogs. They’re easy to put on. They stay on- even in deep snow or beach sand- and they offer great protection. Penny & Maggie Mae ^,,^ ( Ah Roooooo!)