Hi there, My Swiss Mountain Dog Jacke is 4 years old and we adopted him 3 years ago. While he was in foster care escaping from a kill shelter he was hit by a car and broke his back hip. He had the surgery to fix it and is now our Robo-Dog. Unfortunatly for Jacke he has to wear a boot on one of his back paws and he drags it so bad his nails fall off and his foot is basically clubbed. We have tried to successfully for some time have bought the neoprene boots of yours for his one foot at our local pet store. But now every pet store in our city Vancouver BC refuses to sell us just the one foot that we need. We do not want to waste one boot we don’t need. Jacke LOVES his bootie, when he sees it he knows its time for a walk. Is there any way to purchase a bulk order of just the ONE SIZE ONE FOOT we need for our Jacke. We love your product and with him being 4 and planning on living forever I know we will be purchasing your product for years to come. We tell everyone about it the boots. Thank you for making such a great product and for hopefully taking the time to read this email. Devon O’Donnell (Ps we told Devon that both the right and left shoes are interchangeable and the only difference is the way they do up – otherwise the soles are the same)