January 11, 2011 These dog shoes are the best we have ever had. We ordered them for our very large Chesapeake Bay Retriever for the snow and low temperatures that we get at our vacation cabin in Mazama, WA, sometimes in the minus degrees and usually not above freezing all winter. Size XL for her front paws and size L+ for her rears…they fit just right. Our dog loves going on walks with us whether it’s X-country skiing or snowshoeing. Her feet used to suffer on some long outings…snow would freeze to ice in her paws and of course that would lead to sore feet and limping later on. Other dog boots we tried filled with snow or came off. Now, with these rubber soled Neopaws, there will no longer be the discomfort of freezing feet for her, and they stay on! She waddled like a duck and shook her feet like a cat that stepped in water at first when we put them on her inside, but once she was out and we started walking she forgot about them and became her usual excited self, running up ahead and exploring scents. She ran after her Frisbees and balls and her feet stayed much warmer and dry! Thank you for this product! Marsha Cook Washington State