I have probably referred 100s of people to your site. Whiskers is seen on the trails in AZ and other places when on vacation and her boots always attract comments. Everyone asks how they stay on and say that the boots they have tried don’t stay on and that their dog doe not like them. I tell them that these are the good boots–not the ones from Petsmart and show them the soles. I always give them the web site address. If I made a commission, I’d be rich. Whiskers is 8 years old and has been wearing your boots all of her life. She can run 30 miles in a day and can do it day after day. She is known as Whiskers the wonder dog. Whiskers goes mountain biking with me 3 days a week and hikes on the trails a couple of days a week also. On our hikes I probably get asked about her boots 5 times on the average. Than you Neo-Paws for making such a wonderful product!!! Diana Yares