I can’t thank you enough for helping to relieve my service dog, Jasmine’s pain from arthritis in her feet, ankles, & knees.(Strangely enough,her hips are perfect!) She takes Rimadyl twice a day, but it was the boots that got her trotting around again like a youngster. (She’s a 13 year old German Rottweiler) When she sees me get the boots in the morning, she puts her front paw out and waits for me to put them on. I leave them on until after her evening walk because when I reach down to take them off earlier than that, she lays her snout over my hand so I can’t get to it!! The pictures I’m sending include one of the worst back foot that is deformed from the arthritis before the boots go on in the AM, where it’s all fanned out to the outside. Then there’s another one of the same foot after the boot was taken off where you can see the dramatic difference-it’s nice and tight & compact like it should be. As you can see, she’s her old constantly smiling self again and loves having the other residents in my apt bldg scratch her back!!!

(She’s never met a stranger, or anyone she didn’t like whether they had 2 legs or 4.) The support that keeps her toes from fanning out makes it much less painful for her. It was the walking on the sidewalks when we moved into town 1-1/2 years ago that I think caused alot of the problem. I let her walk beside the sidewalk when I can but it’s just not possible all the time. Jas and I am forever in your debt. And by the way-my vet is quite impressed with how well they work for Jasmine too. BJ Lawson