I bought Neopaws boots for my dog, Vinnie, three years ago. Three years later, they continue to be the most valuable dog-related purchase I’ve made! We don’t get much snow and ice here in the DC region, but we get enough to make winter walks really miserable for little Vinnie. He hates getting his paws wet and cold, but the salt is worse. It eats away at his paws and the paw pads become cracked and painful. With his Neopaws, he can walk pain-free in the snow, ice, and salt! His shoes have been well-used over the past three winters and we’re almost ready for a new pair, but they have held up surprisingly well. Vinnie has grown very accustomed to having the shoes put on before walks and he is very comfortable in them. In fact, if it’s snowing out, he won’t step outside without them! There are other dog shoes on the market, but Neopaws are the best. We also use the summer boots for hiking and walking on the hot pavement, and those too have been wonderful. Attached are a picture and video of Vinnie wearing his Neopaws during the recent DC-area blizzard. Thanks! Andrea & Vinnie Washington, DC