Hi, First, thank you for the very quick delivery. As you can see in the attached photo, Couper’s spiffy green and blue striped shoes have arrived. There was no adjustment period for him at all; I don’t even think he realizes he’s wearing them! Couper is 13 years old and since having surgery for his torn CCL, he has trouble keeping his rear legs from sliding out. Walking on our hardwood floors and porcelain tiles was becoming a dangerous challenge for him. Thankfully his new shoes have solved this problem. We leave them on all day and take them off at night. We call them his “house slippers”. Also, we’d like to order him a second pair because . . . well doesn’t every dog deserve at least two pairs of shoes?! J I’m going to look through your catalogue to see which ones we want to order. Regards Phyllise Kaye, Stroud, Ontario