Hi Ronnie, we’ve now tested the booties to the extreme (hours long wrestling matches with big fluffy dogs) and NOW I understand the hype! I’m converted 🙂 I’m using the L on the front with the XL insoles (as the L insoles were shredded) and they stay on like glue. I’ve converted my neighbor as well and her golden might be able to wear the XL that I have and in that case I wont be sending them back as she can buy them off me. ps. The boots survived a 2 hr hike today through water and woodland trails. I had to tighten his front ones after they got soaked in the water but other than that they were great. He fell through the ice, luckily it was only about a foot deep. Looked hilarious though and didn’t stop the running! Thank you again for all your help and patience and for making such a great product ! Linda and Melvin