Hi Ronnie! I just had to e.mail you back to tell you that everything arrived TODAY! OMG I am SO HAPPY! Thank you so much for getting the Bottom’s Up Leash to me so quickly!! My Golden, Quincy had his first pee in 6 weeks without a towel being involved (or pee’d on…LOL)! Now mind you it took a few minutes to figure out how to get it on him because he can only stand for a few seconds,,, but we got it! Now on the other hand, Daisy is NOT too happy with her Doggles, and no it’s not the color,,, she just see’s no use for them… however I do, especially when she dying to hang her head out the window come summer time! I have attached a photo for your viewing pleasure, as you can see the black would have suited her “complexion” so much better,,, but like I said after the blue hi-lights, it will all be good! Thank’s again!! Rai-Anne Hunter