Hi Ronnie, Here are the photos of me putting on Leto’s XS+ boots. We have watched the video of how to put the boots on on the Neopaws site, but that method has proved impossible because his balance is so poor he falls over sideways if we put them on with him standing. We have found that the most effective way to get boots on him is to sit him upright on his bum in our lap and he is able to sit still and let us work with his feet. I can get them on with the toe right to the front, and then use my hand to make sure his foot is right down on the shoe. I think that we get the wrap correctly. The certainly seem to fit very well. He’s been hopping around the house for half an hour now, and they haven’t slipped at all. When he stands the shoes are flat on the floor. When he steps, he hits flat on the right foot, and rolls a little bit off the heel of the left, which is how he walks barefoot. His toes are still right at the front of the boots. With the insoles and socks, the S energy shoes also fit much better. I think that part of the problem with the apparent change in fit from

when we ordered them is that his foot has changed shape a bit between when he first wore them – they fit fine then – and now. He’s a lot more muscular so his foot seems more compact, and his pads are a LOT less puffy than they were when we started with him, in particular on the left. Before it looked that the inside of his foot was bulging outward, now it looks like a normal pad (lots of vet attention to get there!). I’m not sure he had ever really walked much before we got him! Thanks so much for your help! Heather