Hi Roanna Again, thank you for such a quick delivery on the boots, totally amazing you got them here so fast! The boots are getting a lot of attention here 🙂 I put a picture of SamE wearing them and a close up of the boots on my Facebook page. Lots of “likes” and comments about how they look like fancy expensive running shoes! I also mentioned the great service, which also got a lot of “likes” 🙂 I bought the boots because she is dragging her foot – not every step but often enough that she has wore the nails right back to the quick, in fact on our walk sunday she made the nails bleed. The boots are to prevent the wearing of the nails – not stop the foot dragging, sadly that I can’t fix. I am doing acupuncture with her and will start back up with the hydro therapy once my pool gets warm enough – we are getting great weather so that should be this week (I have a solar pool heater). BTW, I was looking at your life preservers, nice! I like that they have the buoyancy pad underneath as well. I have a jacket for SamE that I use for our hydro therapy but it does not have the under chest buoyancy – which just makes sense. Ok, I won’t make you read a novel. I will keep you posted on the boots as we get more practice with them. Thank you for your great product and service ! Tracey