Hi, My moms ordered your boots for me and I wanted to say how pleased we all are with them. It took me a little to get used to having them put on, but as soon as they’re on, we go out for fun time in the snow so now I don’t wiggle, try to walk away, or pull my paws away anymore. Mostly, I wear them when we go snowshoeing through the deep snow in the woods. Last winter, I would get balls of snow between my toes and it would hurt and I would have to stop and chew them away. Now, with the boots, it doesn’t happen anymore. I do get some snow in the top of my boots but my moms started folding the top over and there’s really not much snow that collects now. Thanks for a great product, and for letting us all enjoy our snowshoe outings that much more! Duster and his moms Ottawa ON