Good afternoon, I just wanted to let you know that the boots are amazing!! (I sent a review in on your site, but didn’t have a photo. I took one last night that I’m attaching here) For the past year, Sully hasn’t been able to go with us on our long walks (and he loves them) because he was in so much pain from the corns. He would begin limping badly, and after a bit, walking on only 3 legs. With the neopaws, he’s now doing long walks with hardly a limp, and trots along with his head high. It’s wonderful! He also got used to them very quickly. He connected the booties to going for a walk, so they’ve become a “good thing” to him, because it means he’s going on his walk. He stands perfectly still for me to put on the boots, and will even lift a paw when told so I can slide the boot on. 🙂

Thank you so much. It is just wonderful to watch him trot and run happily and not limp painfully! Rachael PS- I tried other booties before ordering neopaws, but they didn’t stay on well, and he hated them. Actually, he chewed one of them up. I was hesitant to try boots again, but the reviews on your site were so good, and now I know why. I’m so happy that I gave them a try. And they stay on great! (the very first time I put them on Sully, he tried very hard to shake them off, with absolutely no luck! The shaking might have worked with other boots he’d had, but it didn’t work with these!) Thanks again! Rachael