Buying dog shoes is not an easy feat (no pun intended, lol). This page is here to help you decide which shoe best suits your dog’s needs. Once you have chosen the style needed, please click back to it’s main page to retrieve the rest of the pertinent info such as sizing, price and colours if applicable.

WHY HIGH PERFORMANCE™ ? These shoes are the ideal rain and snow shoe, as well as being perfect for water sports and protection from wounds caused by dragging paws. They are orthopaedic and recommended daily by veterinarians worldwide for paw injuries and to comfort hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy and arthritis . This is the shoe of choice for walks, sporting activities in water and in the winter season.

The upper is of a water-resistant neoprene material and the sole is made by an injection moulding process which resembles that of a running shoe. The rubber is formed to cover the entire paw area of the shoe and rise around the seams. Heel reinforcement has been added for maximum durability. This process has been developed for your dog’s ultimate comfort and protection.

If added quality, strength and performance are required, High Performance™ shoes are the footwear of choice. They are more rugged resulting in a longer life span. A dog does not have to be an athlete to wear the High Performance™ shoes.


A less expensive alternative to the High Performance™ Shoes. The upper is a water-resistant neoprene and the sole is made of an injection moulded rubber for added strength. Although the sole does differ and offers less rubber over and above the seams than the High Performance™ shoe, the Regular shoes are extremely durable. Ideal for swimming and to protect pool liners, or simply for walking and mild running, in rain or snow, with your Best Friend. These shoes are not for indoor use.
Used and recommended by veterinarians. Black, Pink, Blue, Red


The shoes protect the dog’s paws from blistering or any abrasion IN THE HEAT. This allows for a safe and eventful summer !

Ideal also for INDOOR use to protect floors and furniture from the dog’s nails and to prevent the dog from slipping on tile, ceramic and hardwood surfaces. The shoes will also prevent your dog from over-licking or gnawing its paws, as well as save pool liners and car/boat seats from rips and tears.
Available in black, blue and red.

If you’re looking for the toughest dog shoes in the world, you’ve found them!!!

Made with a mesh upper, protected with pu leather reinforcement above the soles and air pockets for extra breathability and comfort, this shoe is the state of the art in dog shoe design !

The all-new Summer Reinforced Energy™ Shoe is made with top of the line materials as are our own running shoes!  They are strong, durable, breathable, comfortable and they truly stay on!

They were made for agility, search & rescue, military, police and highly active dogs. Also perfect for dogs that drag their paws in hot climates.
Available in black, blue and red