Bonnie has bad arthritis in her front paws (toes), to be honest we have given up with what the vets were doing as the boots seem to help her more than anything we have tried. Her walking improves by at least 20% to the point a good hour walk is enjoyable again, her back feet are perfect so no shoes needed. I am looking for a long term answer for Bonnies problem as she is not 8 yet and the vet isn’t the answer! The boots do far more than the vet has come up with to date. She even seems to like me putting the boots on her, she sits and offfers her paw, maybe because she knows she is going out, but before i was having to carry her accross a concrete car bar that hurt her feet, we dont have that problem with the boots. Steve your neo boots answer all our problems, they stay on, the dog likes them, we walk as per normal with another healthy yet older dog. thanks Steve