Privacy Policy



We Respect Your Privacy And Take Every Measure To Ensure That You Are Protected

Personal data obtained from your visit to our site, inclusive of your email address, name and other statistics will NEVER be sold, rented or made available to any party.

We do not accept advertisements from other companies on our websites, nor do we have any other business relationship in which we could profit from selling data about our customers.

As is common practice amongst all top online retailers, we do utilize cookies. These harmless cookies allow us to offer you all of the advanced features you would expect from a professional website and to create the most enjoyable shopping experience possible. These cookies do not collect any personal information about you, your computer or your online activity. They simply allow us to recognize your computer’s IP address when you sign on to our website and to facilitate your computer’s interaction with our servers. We DO NOT allow third party cookies from companies like online advertising agencies to be placed on your computer via our servers.

You always have the option of blocking cookies by changing your browser’s settings. However, it is possible that you may experience some technical problems communicating with our servers and you will not be able to take advantage of the benefits and discounts of establishing an account with us if you should elect to block cookies.

We appreciate your business and will honor your association with us at all costs.


Our shopping cart is located on a secure server ! All information that is collected on our website is transferred to us over the most advanced Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Line. This ensures that your information is encrypted and cannot be read by any other Internet users. This secure mode is automatically turned on when accessing any pages in the Account or Checkout sections of our website. You can confirm that you are on a secure, encrypted page of our website by the appearance of a tiny padlock icon on the bottom of your browser and the letters https at the beginning of the page’s address instead of the normal http.

All account and purchasing information, except for your credit card number*, is stored in a secured database, residing behind an advanced fire-wall. This database is only accessible to a limited number of security-screened employees with access rights to this information.

*Your credit card number is NOT stored in our database and must be re-entered upon each purchase.