The boots have changed over time and only got better. It’s almost as if they got better as Luke got worse. This year Neo-Paws launched their new summer reinforced energy shoe and Luke needed these newest boots just in time! He shuffles and goes through his boots faster than most because they rub on the ground and wear through. Now Ronnie at NeoPaws has sent me a rubber fixative to put on the rubbed off part, shoo goo and this really helps keep the boots alive longer! Luke’s Orthopedist says he’s a miracle! He attributes most of Luke’s longevity to a great diet and that he never stopped moving! His feet now turn under and he scrapes the tops. BUT….of course he won’t leave the house without his boots on. HE KNOWS! He will go to the door and no matter how bad he wants to go out….he will wait for his boots! The boots are in a fixed position and are form-fitting. They put his foot in a normal position so he can walk normally. His doctor also says that having the rubber cushioning on his feet for so long helped his bad hips from deteriorating as fast!So the truth is…..good diet or not….

Luke would not be here if it were not for these boots! Luke has been an example to hundreds of other dog owners who’s dogs have foot problems as well as Vets and Veterinary Specialists who have done surgery and had the dogs people call me about Luke’s boots! In closing, Luke and I thank Ronnie and NeoPaws from the bottom of our hearts and souls for keeping us together! Always, Amy