Roanna, I wanted to share with you a picture of my dog Suzi, wearing her Neopaws on a hike. When we got Suzi, she had never walked on concrete, her pads were baby soft. And on top of it, her outside toes on the front feet are missing the middle bone, which means that she doesn’t have a full complement of pad to walk on. Consequently, she always appeared to be in pain on walks. A friend of mine who works in a vet’s office told me about these boots, and I bought them. What a change for our dog! She runs, and doesn’t walk with constant hesitation. She’s only 3, so I hope to give her a good long life with the help of these shoes. I tell everyone I see about how much these have helped her. I was so pleased to see you are a Canadian company too! I relocated from Vancouver to CA 15 years ago, but am still a Canadian at heart! Susan Ragatz