I would just like to say that all your input and information is greatly appreciated and its people like you that make being a person with a handicap easier. I dont have a lot of money and wehn I purchase something it usually is a saved up amount of monies that I have set aside just for my Service Dog. I know that things go wrong and she is my life line to the outside, and without her I would be lost, she has actually saved my life more than once, going beyond her training, and responding to emergencies to keep me from dying, as when she woke me when my house was on fire and the alarms didnt work. That is a lifetime partner that really shows you they care about your welfare. I will have to save up enough monies now to purchase her another vest in Red to match her boots, as the first one the Company sponsored it and sent it to us. They are wonderfull people to deal with too. Again thank you so very much, and Im sure Skinny, will thank you as well. Mrs Tina Shank, and Skinny