Hi Ronnie, I finally snagged a few images of Shasta in his new shoes. In image 1 and 2 you can see how he is standing with his back legs apart. By contrast, when he is not wearing the shoes his hind legs stay very close together and his feet cross over one another when he walks… probably to compensate for painful walking. His leg and hip muscles have degenerated significantly from lack of mobility. But with the shoes on, he has enough support and traction to keep his legs apart and straight, so he walks correctly for the first time in a long time, no crossing his feet! His hips and legs seem to be adapting, he is beginning to walk faster and faster. The last couple days I catch him brisk walking around the house trying to play with our other dogs, it is really amazing! I am SOOO happy about that. He is a whole new Shasta with the shoes on. The others pictures are of Shasta laying around our hardwood floors. He hasn’t been able to walk freely in the house because he slips. As long as he has his shoes on, he is able to safely roam the house as he wishes…he is very happy about that! Thanks again! Clarissa