Hi NeoPaws, –it has now been just over a year and Layla is still improving. On several occasions, she brings the boots to me in her mouth–it is her signal that she is ready to go for a walk. Thank you again for your products–they made all the difference!! Last February, Layla suffered a spinal cord injury > (most likely caused by a “missile hit” of disc tissue) that left her > paralyzed from the waist down. She had no deep pain response–she > couldn’t even wag her tail. I began working with her to get her to > stand for very short periods of time. As she seemed to progress with > standing, I began “walking” her by moving her legs, one by one. Our > vet gave us your bottoms up leash that really allowed me to step up her > rehab while saving my own back (bending over to walk Layla was really > hurting me). One afternoon, Layla started pushing off with her hind > legs–this was after about two months of slow progress–and I felt > there was some real hope of her walking on her own. I continued with > the bottoms up leash, allowing Layla to walk more and more. > > As Layla’s right leg is weaker, she drags her foot just enough to > really tear up her toenails on rough surfaces. The dragging > problem limited me to walking her on grassy surfaces–both Layla and I > missed our long walks together. I bought a pair of dog boots from > another supplier and found them to be useless for Layla as they would > slip right off. After researching the subject, I found your company > and purchased the Neopaws shoes–Layla liked them from the start. > Layla can now go on the same length walks (on any surface) that we > enjoyed prior to her injury. Your boots have given Layla back her > former life and me back the dog I love. > > Our vet has told us that this type of recovery is quite rare–we are > very fortunate. While Layla is not 100% as coordinated as before, she > walks, runs and retrieves with the same level of enthusiasm as she had > prior to her injury. Most importantly, with her continued workouts, > Layla continues to show progress after all these months. > > Thank you for your products–they made all the difference in the world. > > Best regards, > > Bob Hartnack > Carlsbad, California