Hi, I’m the American in Istanbul who just ordered summer boots for my Border Collie. They arrived three days ago—thanks for the very fast shipping! Thanks for helping me with the sizing. The sizes I ordered fit great: M on the front feet and S+ on the back feet. My dog is a conformation champion, and supposedly “representative” of the breed. So you may want to edit your size chart to include S+ for Border Collie. J We have already used them several hours a day since then. I compete in eleven dog sports and thought I had seen all the gear out there. But these boots are really well-designed. They are such high quality! I have not had any problems with the boots falling off during walks. When we play Frisbee, the back boots stay on, but do twist around a bit. So I’ve been taking off the back ones for playtime. Maybe with practice I can get the back ones wrapped tightly enough so they don’t twist during vigorous activity. I’m sending some photos I took yesterday.

We live in Istanbul, 7 minutes walk from the Maramara sea, so we go to the park and boardwalk most days to play Frisbee. So here are photos of Savvy and his boots taken during that trip. By the way, most Turks are terrified of dogs. Many scream and jump out of the way as we approach (this is an obedience competition dog walking in heel position!). I have tried to make my dog seem more “accessible” by having him wear a nice red backpack. But this gets even more scowls: I now own a “dangerous animal” AND I’m a “slave driver”! J I didn’t know what the reaction would be to the boots. But it’s been 100% positive. For the first time ever, people actually came up on the street to chat and ask about them. They clap and smile as we go by. And everybody says it’s a great idea considering all the glass on the streets here. Thanks for making such an excellent product, and I’ll be buying more boots from you in the future. Sharon Yildiz Visit my blog at http://sharonyildiz.blogspot.com