Hello, My name is Claire and I live in Canada with my little dogs. I have been buying boots for the past 6 years for my pup (only had one dog up until 2 months ago) and every time I would spend oodles of money on the boots they were either too big too cold or NEVER stayed on. Then I found Neo-Paws and thought well what can I lose if I try, I read the web site .. and it promised to have the boots stay on. I thought yeah okay right sure that is what they all say. But I will give it a try. So I ordered the boots, they arrived and OMG they stay on my dog can actually go out for a walk. Now I have to get a second pair for my other pup and snow suits cause well they both get hair cuts. I look forward to my future orders with Neo-Paws International.. Will recommend this company to anyone who will listen to me and my dogs THANK YOU YOUR AWESOME Claire Cooper