Roanna Sabeh-Azar, creator of the Pawesome Canine Gourmet by Neo-Paws Raw & Cooked Foods has an education in Food & Beverage & nutrition and has been cooking for her own pets for over 25 years! She knows and believes that a fresh protein based diet for any animal is paramount to achieve a long and healthy life for both humans as for animals!

The three available main recipes for the Canine Gourmet Diet include:

1.Chicken Bone
2.Chicken Veggie Supplements
3.Chicken, Beef Organ & Tripe

Also available are:

1.Roast Beef
2.Marrow Bones
3.Chicken Stock
4.Frozen Chicken Hearts

Any other delicacy for our Best Friends are available on demand both raw and cooked.

Cooking Seminars are often scheduled at the Centre and on-line, so please send us your email so that we can include you on our invitation list. These events are free.